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Community, authenticity and connection are the essential ingredients of freedom. Through our head, heart, hands - thought, word and deed, we create the next reality for our human species. Gnoshery Libertas uplifts personal sovereignty and encourages self-agency. Connecting like-minds and hearts through our mutual humanity and integrity, we weave a new tapestry for humanity, infused with Divine wisdom, compassion and unconditional love.

Gnoshery Libertas offers private 1:1 mentoring sessions, as well as group and corporate personal development packages. Weave alerts us to our system of inner guidance  - intuition and instincts - which assist us in navigating the complex and subtle nuances of embodied, multi-dimensional living. These sessions are designed to activate, nourish and strengthen our connection to our intuitive nature, inner Self and all of creation.

We provide a safe and inviting online community for others to share and confirm their inner beliefs and personal experiences while gaining access to unique perspectives that are rare throughout the current culture in which we live. Through Gnoshery Libertas Gatherings large and small, we connect vibrant, diverse artists, creatives, educators and thought leaders to others who believe in uplifting society. These events allow us to spotlight the embodied and creative life-style and its energizing effects within weave. Recognizing through self-awareness that the greatest art is the art of Spirit and living an authentic life aligned with our own inner-wisdom and passion.


Through our unique lens, we curate products and design works of art available for purchase through our online market.  In accordance with our altruistic mission, we offer individual and group mentoring sessions, as well as support in self-awareness and personal growth. Portions of our product sales go directly into our philanthropic trust for the advancement of our community projects and charitable endeavors.


Gnoshery Libertas publishes content including writings, recordings, artistic renderings, docu-shorts, interviews, online panels and educational events as well as spotlighting individuals in the community/world who are living in a creative and embodied way through their own Self-Agency as well as those greatly influencing the cultural / collective narrative. 

New life in unexpected places.

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Weave is the direct transmission from the Mystery. Our Spirit in action, it is the tapestry of our lives. In every moment, our Soul speaks through our inner and outer realms, leaving breadcrumbs of wisdom.  We are always participating in the weave, yet we may not be consciously aware as we are often in our minds, distracted.
Weave requires a level of presence with the current moment, as even the most mundane and painful life experiences offer great wisdom when we have eyes to see and hearts that feel.
To live in Weave, is to live in Divine flow. We are Souls, embodied, experiencing the multi-dimensionality of our Source essence through personal Sovereignty and conscious thought, word, and deed.
Recognizing and fully merging our human limitations with eternal Soul, we live in right relationship with all sentient beings in the perfect reflection of the One.



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